About Pointr

Think GPS and how it revolutionised many industries and organisations from how we order taxi or food or meet friends to how companies manage their fleet and logistics (or military) and how telcos use this data for targeting. The same revolution will happen indoors where we already spend majority of our times. Think smarter airports, malls, hospitals or even cruise ships.

Pointr is a pinoeer technology company building world's indoor location infrastructure. Key facts:

- Live projects in 14 countries

- 35+ head count

- HQ in London, sales office in Dubai, engineering office in Istanbul, and remote team members in Greece, US, Spain, Belarus and Hungary

- Many international awards

- Many international tender wins (even against the likes of Apple, Google, Siemens, DHL and many others)

- Many prestigious clients including Harrods, IKEA, Sainsbury's, Dubai International Airport, London Gatwick Airport and more

Current openings